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About my work

I have explored many ideas and subject matter in my work, but the unifying passion in all my paintings is describing a sense of space, volume, atmosphere , arriving at a kind of real expression of the subject matter.

These same pictorial concerns govern when I am engaged in portraiture, a relatively recent theme in my work.

My 'arrival' at painting has been a slightly unusual one, in the sense that I studied philosophy. My rationale for this being that I have always loved the theoretical items of art but also  the making process. Reading, doing research  and thinking are still at the core of the work, but painting allows me to invent other spaces and ideas with no physical constraints.

I paint mainly in oils, applying many layers and glazes to achieve a sense of space and mood sometimes removing partly some of the layers. I keep working at a piece until I feel that I have arrived at an expression of palpable space.

My work is classically inspired and the journey to a painting can be very multi-disciplinary; often involving the construction of props . My themes revolve around ideas of aesthetics, imagination and symbolism, and archetypal and the idea of magical landscapes.

I look at paintings as portals - worlds one can visually step into and be transported and sometimes even transformed by. I believe the primary function of art is to trigger a moment of transcendence in the viewer, a sense of timeless connectedness to the universe. In short to fill one with wonder.

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Actually till 2024: Artist Residency, Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark, Munich



Catalogs and books

The Captured Sky
2016 Folio Verlag, Wien
Text: Christian Philipp Schoen
ISBN 978-3-85256-694-8

Athesia 2010, Bozen
Texte: Bettina Blumenberg, Donata Wenders

Körper, Licht und Gegenwart 
2005, Atheist 2005, Bozen
Text: Jochen Meister, Pinakothek der Moderne, München

Del corpo umano e della sua presenza-assenza
nella pittura di Christine Gallmetzer
1999 Athesia, Bozen
Text: Ivana D'Agostino, Rom